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When done properly, email marketing is one of the most powerful elements in the digital marketing mix. The problem is, it’s often done badly in a back-handed, that’ll do fashion. In today’s world, we have 24/7 access to our emails, on our work computers, tablets and smartphones, but as a marketer, how do you stand out from the torrent of spam that heads into our inboxes every day?

Good email marketing is three things: relevant, unobtrusive and timely. It’s the piece of email that you look forward to reading – whether that’s the top money saving tips for the week or the surprise sale on at your favourite shop that you’ve been unknowingly waiting for.


Right time, right place

The reason why so many email campaigns fail is that they’re too sales driven. A hard-sell approach to email is about as welcome as those people that nab you on the street and ask if you want sign up for new deal. If they get one sale for every thousand people they disrupt, the ends justify the means. Don’t let your email marketing be like this!

Email marketing is all about nurturing your leads; you shouldn’t expect huge returns from the first campaign, but if done properly, your leads will flourish into a bunch of regular, happy relationships – pretty Nifty!

This is why we put so much emphasis into the content we put out there – is it going to be interesting? Will it stand out? Will it be beneficial to both the customer and ourselves? Using industry trends and by getting to know your audience, we discover what it is your customers want and what time it’s best to show them it.


Intelligent automation

Email can be a very laborious and time-consuming job which is where smart automation comes into play. Regardless of how you get your data in the first place, that data needs nurturing. From the very start of the user journey, we identify the key moments that take place before a lead becomes a customer – from the initial welcome email to the final purchase confirmation.

We use a mixture of content, depending on your industry, to capture and maintain interest with your audience whether that’s keeping them updated with the latest trends, updating them about a new blog post or informing them about new products on the market


Create, send, test repeat

We can create visually stunning emails that complement your brand and work across all email clients. Once our designers are finished, any inbox will be happy to have them!

Of course, we’d be kidding if said we got it right first time round – we might get close, but there’s always room for improvement. This is why every one of our campaigns is tested to determine the secret to success. Each email is split-tested, experimenting with the subject line, the layout, the message and even the time of day. All of this information gets fed back into our learning system to improve future campaigns.

We can also handle the background processes too such as website sign-up forms, list management and opt-in procedures; ensuring you’re compliant with the latest UK laws.


More to your marketing mix

Why stop at email marketing, we can help develop your social media strategy using the same principles. Social media can be an excellent way of amplifying your message and getting it to stick! Email data can be used to create custom audiences and lookalike audience to extend your reach outside the confines of your email subscription lists.

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