Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy and Promotion

Your organisation exists because it recognises a need that it’s customers or service users have, a strategic marketing plan will help put you in front of more people, enhance your brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. It will also keep you one step ahead of the competition. Our top five points for a successful marketing strategy are: plan, research, reach, analyse and adjust, or PRRAA (not very catchy we know).


What’s the plan

All good jobs start with a plan – what are your goals and what is it you want to achieve? One of the first things we do as a digital agency is to outline these shared goals so we can lay down a strategy and give our input on the best ways to achieve them. Using multiple tools we can tailor our plan to suite your needs.



After were clear on what it is we’re setting out to achieve, it’s all about determining the best way to do it. This stage lays the foundation and is when we determine who your target market is. One of the most important things we do is to give your customer a voice – what type of person are they, where do they like to shop, what are their hobbies? Developing these customer personas immerses us in your brand and identifies the best routes to market.



One we’ve established the best channels; we help in the creation and communication of the marketing collateral. We use our experience in marketing and design to craft rich content that will resonate with your target market. We determine the ideal times to engage with people, the most suitable social networks and websites to utilise and what calls to action will be the most effective.


Analyse and adjust

We’re not through yet! Once we’ve delivered a successful campaign, we trawl through the data in order to improve and enhance the next one. Because all of what we do is split-tested and linked up to our analytics software, we can determine which messages had the highest conversion rates and put this learning into the next campaign.


Short term boosts, long-term growth

Ultimately there are two goals for any campaign: increase profits or build brand awareness. If you’d like to explore more possibilities, a short term campaign can be a great way to get insight into your audience. There are so many avenues to explore when it comes to digital, so sometimes a localised campaign such as an email campaign or a social media campaign can be the best way of gaining insight into your audience to find out what works best in the long run. The results from these small-scale campaigns facilitate a shift towards long-term strategies to build customer retention and brand loyalty.

In our experience organisations come to us with one problem to solve. We usually over perform and our clients throw more ideas at us. We love those ideas! Our clients tend to stick with us for many years as we navigate them through the digital world. Check out some of the campaigns we’ve been working on by looking through our portfolio. If this inspires you, get in touch, we’re more than happy to run through some ideas with you.

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