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Over 2 billion people use social media on a daily basis. Social Media Marketing is growing because that’s 2 billion people a day taking food photos for Snapchat, sharing selfies on Facebook and uploading their #pug pics to Instagram. In the past five years, social advertising has exploded onto the scene. It’s no longer about who has the biggest billboard or the catchiest radio jingle. It’s about connecting and interacting with people throughout their everyday life – the micro-moments that make a difference.


Innovative, not invasive

On average, customers make contact with a company five to seven times before they make the decision to buy and it’s in these moments where you need to shine! It can be hard however, to know when are where these moments occur, which is where a bit of nifty thinking comes into play.

We focus on two essential aspects when creating a social media strategy – engagement and marketing goals: increasing your social following and likes while recognising the bottom line. To get the most out of social media, we use our analytic software to define your audience personas: where do your fans hang out? What websites do they visit? How often are they on social media? We then deliver a killer content schedule to suit their interests.

Engaging content requires research, strategy and creation. It also needs to resonate with your Audience, factoring in relevant news, emerging trends and hashtags. After all of this, we need to ensure it’s heard. To achieve this, we use various scheduling tools to define the optimum times to post content for maximum effect. Take a look at our portfolio for a little inspiration and live example.


Joining in the conversation

We all know that someone who’s always ‘me, me, me’, and yes, we think they’re annoying too! The same applies to brands on social media. Posting the same mundane statuses and links isn’t impressing anyone, which is why we focus on engaging with people – joining in with the conversations instead of shouting at people from the bandstand.

We use ‘social listening’ software to find the tweets, pictures and posts that are the most relevant for your business and strike up natural conversations on a more intimate level…

(ear emoji) Dave’s Tweet:

“I could murder a burger right about now.”

(speakerphone emoji) Bob’s Burgers Reply

“Come on in! We’re giving away a free drink with our Mega Bacon Burger (smiling emoji)”


Reaching the masses

So we’ve found your audience and are creating content they love. Now let’s amplify it.

Paid social advertising works hand-in-hand with your regular posts, but helps boost it to a wider network. We use highly accurate targeting methods to show social ads to the most relevant people, finding you new customers in the process.

In fact, to find out just how much Facebook knows about you, and you can use this to your advantage – check out our social media advertising page.

Got your attention? We’re not just on Facebook. Speak to one of our social media buffs today to see how we can help you unlock more micro-moments with your customers.

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