Award Winning Creative

Award Winning Creative

adjective informal

  • Particularly good, skilful, or effective
  • Attractive or stylish

adjective informal

  • the process of considering or reasoning about something
  • using thought or rational judgement; intelligent

Nifty Thinking is a digital multimedia agency which incorporates a wide variety of techniques, approaches and disciplines. No two projects are ever alike, so we use a unique combination of skills which have contributed to a number of award-winning campaigns all of which support our ethos of providing attractive and functional services to clients across the UK.



First impressions are everything, no matter how far the human race has come, a lot still rides on attraction. Producing attractive graphic design, illustration, videography and photography is a core value we carry throughout every project. Designing, planning and executing engaging visual media will enhance any project, but it has to be unique. Something that’s visually captivating to you may have the opposite effect on your target audience which is why we’re passionate about reaching the right people and collaborating with you every step of the way.


And Intelligent

Although it may sound obvious, creating something that’s functional is our second core value. It’s easy to create something that looks good, but if it’s not practical and doesn’t serve a purpose, it’s worthless. Nifty’s culture relies on being in the know. Using a variety of techniques, we ensure we’re ahead of emerging news and trends. Being able to apply these insights to our projects is what makes us different to other media agencies. Head over to our portfolio to see our creative services in action.


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We started as a creative media agency back in 2012, it’s in our blood. We realised deploying this media on behalf of our clients across the best digital channels gave better all round results. We love a creative challenge… give us a shout and see if we can help with a bit of Nifty Thinking.

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