Branding and identity

Branding and Identity

A brand is much more than a pretty logo and a colour scheme; branding & identity is something that represents everything you do, both online and offline. It’s the very essence of who you are as an organisation and should communicate your values and beliefs to anyone who engages with it. It’s vital that all of these elements shine through to your target audience and tell a story which can be quite daunting. But don’t worry, Nifty Thinking has your back.


A visual language

We find the topic of branding fascinating; it’s very much a blend of human psychology, scientific data and creative exploration. To really get it right involves research, careful planning, dedication and imagination. Every element of your brand – from the logo and colour scheme to the wording and user experience should tell a story and evoke emotion, not just satisfy a need.

There’s a good reason why iconic brands like Coca-Cola are instantly recognisable the world over. Their style, the colours they use, the typography – it’s all there to reflect their bold and pioneering brand. Just by seeing the words: ‘holidays are coming,’ sets the mind off, clicking and whirring into frenzy of thought; Coca-Cola… red truck… Santa… Christmas… joy! Now think what people see when they see your brand. You may not have the budget to redefine Christmas, but good branding can evoke similar emotions in your consumers: trust, reassurance, safety, passion, whatever you like.


Creative Development

Whenever we embark on a branding project, understanding our client is the cornerstone of our strategy. By breaking this process into three basic components, we can begin to build an image and get a real feel for who you are and how you want to be seen in the world.

There’s always competition out there, so knowing exactly who you are and where you fit into the marketplace is the first place to start. What are your unique selling points and why should people invest in your brand over any other are the two biggest questions you need to answer. The answers to these questions set the foundation for how your branding will look and feel which will communicate your values, your culture and your vision.


Consistency is key

Once we’re at the point where we think your brand reflects your business, it’s imperative that it’s distributed consistently across the whole organisation so that you’re giving a clear message. You should consider everything from the website to the stationery you. If your focus is on ethical trading for example; what type of packaging are you using? Do you support Fairtrade? Are you supporting local recycling schemes? Everything that your customer sees should reflect how you do business.


So where to start?

Once we’ve determined your identity, it’s time to develop the brand guidelines. Putting everything together into a rulebook may sound constraining, but it’s the best way to ensure consistency in everything you do. As well as developing the logo and the visuals, we’ll demonstrate examples on the best tone-of-voice to use, the most suitable fonts for headings and body text, complementing colour schemes, the style of imagery, the list goes on. For a real life example of what we do best, check out our work for Navigation Lane and Cotesbach Educational Trust.

It’s not just branding we can help with; we can help with other elements of your marketing strategy. For instance, if you’d like to boost your exposure in search engines or on social media, we know how to help. Check out our services page for more information.

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