Paul Tildesley, a father of three wanted create a book to inspire children. Astro Fred was Paul’s written creation. It is about an adventurous young boy who travels through space, exploring the moon. This book was aimed at an audience between the ages of three and seven year olds. But Paul also wanted to take this book to the parenting market. It therefore needed to appeal to the younger, independent readers, and the parents- perfect for the bedtime story. Getting a book published is no mean feat. Nifty were tasked to illustrate this book and support with crowd funding.


During this project, we worked side-by-side with Paul and his family. This close interaction was fundamental to our success, as he was the book’s voice; he needed to tell us how he saw Fred in the real world, or at least in outer space! First though, Fred needed a face. Our Creative Team drew illustrative inspiration from the 80’s- within a few days, our Astro boy had a face, a rocket and a friend called Moon Man. Next, we needed to reveal him to the public. As outlined in our preliminary plan, we attacked this through three paradigms: social media marketing; traditional marketing and PR; and lastly, crowd funding.


Within a few months we had brought the characters to life, created a viral video and cultivated healthy online community. Furthermore, the promotional competitions gave us the chance to preview Astro Fred to a number of local schools and libraries- these live readings were a fantastic opportunity for market research.

This unique project gave Nifty the demonstrable experience into Marketing Strategy and Planning. Enjoyably, these insights into marketing from a holistic viewpoint has put our agency in a favourable position for recent larger projects.


“I really enjoyed working very closely with Nifty. There’s a lot to do when running a crowd funding campaign and the guys helped with most aspects. This included tightening up the story, social media, illustration, branding and video. As a result I’m now in talks with several publishers”

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