Understanding social media marketing is a specialism of Nifty Thinking. Being an element of our business in which we are extremely passionate about, we keep our finger firmly on the Social Media pulse.  Go4it App, was an existing gaming and competition application- due to be launched on App Store, Android and Windows. We were approach by the app’s creators to manage their pre-launch social media marketing. In this, our campaign needed to be fast moving with the central objectives being app awareness, community building and to create anticipation among its target audience.


Having broad experience in social media marketing put us in good stead for this pre-launch project. According to our client’s research, this gaming application would be aimed at competitive males, between the ages of 17 and 21. This demographic would match our already tried and tested social media marketing formula. As a result, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were our major information channels.


To attain a good level of online engagement, we needed to produce believable images and videos, coupled with competition-type promotions. In addition, in order to communicate that the game could be played on the move, we deployed in-context photography. This varied approach encouraged a fast and promising social media following, countless engagements and app downloads.


“Great job guys, the social media looks amazing and we’ve been following the results in real time. Now this app has been tested, I’ll give you a call once we’ve made some improvements to roll out the next re-launch”

Sukbinder Singh
Owner Go4it App

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