A London based restaurant approached us wanting to rebrand with an American theme. This project required a complete rebranding strategy; from its name and logo all the way through to its menu choices and interior design. The overall vision was to develop a restaurant chain for the UK high street.

Although our client’s objective was rebranding, it was important to our client to retain their loyal friendly-community customer base. It would be a careful consideration of reinvention, with managing what the Islington High Street expected and what was familiar to its public.


This project required extensive research and demanded careful planning. Of course, in the first instance we needed to understand the location. Would an American themed restaurant fare well? What was the competition like? What do the locals really want? By comparing and contrasting our research, we were able to think about how the new brand would fit but bring something new to the table.

In addition, a great deal of research into American culture was needed in order to respect tradition. This informed us, we needed to communicate personality through identifiable products which people would come far and wide to taste. A signature dish was needed to encourage instant footfall. Using our experience and American cultural norms, we knew younger people tend to eat with their eyes ‘bigger the better’ and the locals called the area Angel after it’s tube station. Therefore we developed the fully stacked Angel Burger which included a giant onion ring halo.

Next was to develop the branding strategy further, our team conducted some naming and brand positioning sessions directly with the client. It was crucial that our client’s branding ideas were understood but also legible against the research.


Now we had a full bag of research and ideas based on location, theme relevance and client’s vision. Consequently, a strong visual identity was created and the new restaurant would be named Dozy Cow’s. The new restaurant now had a quirky name, strong logo design, easily identifiable product range and a marketing plan which would be easy to implement. Together we tested the new branding with the existing customer base who absolutely loved it. We then begun working on a variety of pre-launch promotions. These Campaigns indicted a good level of interest. As a result, we were appointed to create their website and manage their social media platforms.


“We had an idea of what we wanted to achieve but didn’t know if it would work. The team at Nifty extracted our knowledge and presented their research. Marrying this insight with our experience, we were able to make informed decisions about the future of our business. Amazing job all round and completed in under a month. I can’t thank you enough”

Amanda Fernandes
General Manager

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